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    IQ Test

    Acest test se bazeaza mai mult pe reprezentarea diagramica, testandu-se totodata si puterea logici, numeric skill-ul si abilitatea de a rezolva probleme intr-un mod structurat si analitic. 
    Timpul limita necesar pentru a rezolva testul este de 80 de minute. Mult succes.
    In josul paginii aveti raspunsurile cu explicatii detaliate la toate intrebarile cat si o evaluare a acestora.


    Complete the next square in the above sequence.


    When the above is folded to form a cube, just one of the following can be produced. Which one?

    3. What number should replace the question mark?

    4. Which three pieces below, when fitted together, will form a perfect square?

    5. What number should replace the question mark?


    7. How many lines appear below?

    8. Which two numbers are the odd ones out?


    Which shield is most like the shield above?


    Which is yhe missing section?


    Which pentagon should come next?

    12.  What is the weight of a sack of potatoes if it weights:

    A   50 kg plus 1/11th of its own weight?
    B   55 kg plus 1/6th of its own weight?
    C   63 kg plus 1/8th of its own weight?
    D   88 kg plus 1/9th of its own weight?

    There are four different answers to find.

    13. What number should replace the question mark?

    14. I am four times as old as my son. in 20 years' time, i shall be twice as old as him. How old are we today?

    15. Which 5 numerals will add up to 1000?

    16. What number should replace the question mark to provide the missing link?


    Which letter should come next?


    Each line and symbol that appears in the four outer circles above is to be transferred to the center circle according to these rules. If a line or symbol occurs in the outer circles:

    once             it is transferred
    twice            it is possibly transferred
    three times    it is transferred
    four times     it is not transferred

    Which of the circles A, B, C, D, or E shown below should appear at the center of the diagram above?


    Which hexagon should replace the question mark?

    20. Given that each block is the total of the two blocks below it, fill in the boxes. There is one negative number.


    Working clockwise a line appears in each segment in turn, then when two lines form a cross in each segment these lines disappear one at a time, the whole process being repeated over and over.

    2. E

    3. 1

    4. ABD

    5. 9
    Add and subtract alternately from left to right. So,
    7-4 = 3, 4 + 2 = 6, 5-2 = 3, 5 + 4 = 9, 8-4 = 4,
    8 + 1 = 9, 7-1=6

    6. C; the figures are rearranged vertically with the figure originally on the right, the diamond, now in the middle.

    7. 15

    8. 23 and 8526
    The remaining numbers are in pairs where the sum of the digits of each four figure number equals one of the two figure numbers, e.g. 9312 (9 + 3 + 1 + 2 = 15).
    The other pairs are 6829/25, 1573/16, 7415/17 and 9787/31.

    9. E; it contains two triangles, two squares, two black dots and two white dots, with one black dot in a triangle, one black dot in both squares and one white dot in one square.

    10. B; so that each horizontal and vertical line contains one of the four different lines.

    11. D
    Oval moves two corners clockwise.
    Diamond moves from a line to the next corner clockwise.
    Black dot moves one corner clockwise on the diamond.

    12. A 55 Kg
          B 66 Kg
          C 72 Kg
          D 99 Kg

    13. 26
    First column in A - 47 = first column in B
    Second column in A - 48 = second column in B
    Third column in A - 49 = third column in B
    Fourth column in A - 50 = fourth column in B
    Fifth column in A - 51 = fifth column in B

    14. I am 40; my son is 10. In 20 years' time, I shall be 60, and he will be 30.

    15.  416 + 373 + 126 + 64 + 21 = 1,000

    16. 6
     90/15 x 114/19 x 378/60 = 6

    17. B
    Diamond moves two corners clockwise.
    Triangle moves one corner clockwise.
    Circle moves one corner clockwise.
    Black dot moves from a line to the next corner clockwise.

    18. C

    19. B
    1 is added to 2 to make 3
    4 is added to 5 to make 6
    but similar symbols disappear if added together.



    19 - 20  Exceptional
    16 - 18  Excellent
    13 - 15  Very good
    10 - 12  Good
    6-9        Average

    Sursa : Philip Carter, Ken Russell, cartea „More IQ Testing”

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